Protect your business from loss or damage with comprehensive rope access inspections & testing

Protect your business from loss or damage with comprehensive rope access inspections & testing.

All structures and equipment are subject to wear and tear over time. Our IRATA rope access technicians perform a variety of inspections and tests at height to ensure optimal safety standards.

Structural and Drilling equipment surveys

Structural and drill tool equipment inspections and surveys are carried out to ensure the safety of everyone working on the structure as well as those that work with the equipment.

Since certain equipment and structures may be elevated, rope access is often the best way to survey and inspect the equipment. Our inspectors will assess a variety of things such as:

  • Visually observe improper function or condition of equipment during normal operation.
  • Visually inspect for visible cracks, deterioration, deformation, corrosion, lose or missing components and check that there is
    sufficient lubrication of the equipment.
  • Where required, do a Non-destructive (NDT) inspection of items/areas. Should the situation warrant it the critical item/area may need to be exposed or be partly disassembled to access and
    identify potential problems
  • Where required fully disassemble equipment to carry out a Non-destructive (NDT) inspection of all primary load bearing areas

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) safeguards your equipment and personnel by ensuring safe and efficient operation. Using NDT we find defects before they result in severe damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

Our team of IRATA rope access and ISO 9712 technicians can perform several non-destructive testing operations at height or on the ground in order to assess the integrity and safe working operation of equipment and structures.

These are critical to quickly and accurately identify potential safety hazards that could cause serious injury or even death. Our team can perform the following examinations:

  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT – Dye Penetrant Testing
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing
  • VT – Visual Testing / Visual Inspection

DROPS testing
and surveys

Dropping objects can cause considerable damage. Since structures and equipment are subject to wear and tear and may be exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time it often happens that fixtures, and equipment that used to be securely in place become damaged and loose.

This can result in items potentially being dislodged and dropping causing damage, injury, or death. Our team of rope access technicians can perform extensive DROPS surveys on a variety of structures and equipment such as land rigs, jack up rigs, Floaters, drill ships as well as Top-sides and sub-structures to prevent dropping objects.

Where problems are identified we can repair or replace to ensure optimal safety.

Equipment Survey

Lifting equipment is subject to a fair amount of stress and strain which can be a major safety hazard. Failures of any kind can cause extensive damage and significant injuries or even death.

Our rope access technicians perform lifting equipment surveys at height to ensure that each component of the lifting equipment is in good working condition and structurally sound.

Any faulty items can be replaced or repaired to ensure continued high safety standards.

Why use rope access for cleaning, maintenance, or inspections?

Performing maintenance on buildings and other structures at heights can be tricky, expensive, and time-consuming. Furthermore, most traditional solutions such as scaffolding or powered access is unsightly and extremely disruptive to your business.

The effort, cost, time, and disruptive nature of these traditional techniques often create an environment where facilities managers are loathe to fix the problem resulting in essential cleaning and maintenance being neglected and costs compounding over the long run.

Rope access by contrast is easy to organize, cost effective and significantly faster. We offer cost-effective solutions for customers in Cape Town a well as the broader Western Cape.

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Rope access offers a better solution than working with scaffolding

Rope Access offers a faster, easier, less troublesome solution for building/structure maintenance when compared to scaffolding. Unlike with scaffolding, rope access requires far less space to set up, is far more flexible regarding accessing the problem areas, is faster to set up and cheaper than hiring and constructing large scaffolding structures.

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Rope access is better than using machines and powered access

When compared to powered access options such as scissor lifts/arial lifts or cherry pickers, rope access offers a more versatile and cost-effective solution since with all these methods, you still need a large enough flat area at the base of the building/structure to get those machines in place. More than that, these machines are generally quite expensive to hire.

Why use Melior Access?

We are a specialist rope access company located in Cape Town

We are industrial and marine rope access specialists

We have years' experience in rope access and rigging

We have extensive experience in rigging & rope access

Our Cape Town technicians are trained in IRATA and IWH Rope Access techniques

Our technicians are IRATA Rope Access and ISO 9712 qualified

We are a member of IRATA in Cape Town

Member of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

Our Rope Access work is properly insured

We provide comprehensive public liability insurance for all contracts

We are fully Coida compliant and keep up with the latest safety standards

Melior Access is fully COIDA and Department of Labour compliant

We are a level 2 BEE Rope Access Company based in Cape Town

We are a South African based owner operated BEE Level 2 company

We use top rated Rope Access gear for both training and contract work

We use top-rated gear and have an impeccable safety record

Our Accreditations

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