Get expert maintenance and construction on high-rise buildings and structures using rope access

Get expert maintenance and construction on high-rise buildings and structures using rope access

Our teams of IRATA rope access technicians have been trained in a variety of disciplines to offer you turnkey maintenance and construction service whilst working at heights on elevated structures.

Residential, commercial, retail & industrial rope access maintenance and construction in Cape Town

By utilising dynamic industry approved safety equipment and leveraging leading edge international rope access techniques, our staff can efficiently maintain a variety of buildings and structures with minimal disruption to your operations.

Their varied skill sets, and the nature of their training means that they can work in a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, construction, geotechnical and renewable energy. We gladly assist anywhere in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Contact us for a quote today.

Rope Access Construction Cape Town


Rope Access Building Maintenance Cape Town

Building maintenance

We offer a variety of building maintenance services including the following:

  • Down pipe and gutter repairs
  • Spalling concrete repairs
  • Expansion joint repairs
  • Walling cladding installation
  • Walling cladding repairs
  • Mechanical & electrical maintenance
  • Welding
  • Tailored structural design, fabrication,
    and installation solutions
  • Installation and maintenance
    of lightning protection systems
  • Glazing/windowpane installations
    and replacements
  • Roof repairs and rooftop work
Rope Access Building Safety Cape Town

Building safety

We ensure that your building complies with international safety standards by doing the following:

  • Installation and certification of
    permanent vertical lifeline systems
  • Installation and certification of
    permanent or temporary horizontal
    lifeline and work restraint systems
  • Installation, inspection, and certification
    on anchor bolts used for fall arrest or
    rope access on commercial and
    construction sites
Rope Access Mast Building Cape Town

Mast building

We provide specialised mast building solutions to the renewables and telecom industry such as the following:

  • Turnkey Mast Build project management
    comprising of road assessment / site survey, civils, mast supply & install,
    instruments supply & install.
  • Supply and installation of instruments
  • Instrument fault finding & repairs
  • Steel erection (design and fabrication)
Rope Access Signage and Rigging Cape Town


We provide rigging and installation services for the signage sector and assist in the following ways:

  • Rope access installation of signage
  • Rope access maintenance
    & removal of signage
Rope Access Wind Turbine Maintenance Cape Town

Wind turbines

We have extensive experience in rope access maintenance and construction for the renewable energy sector:

  • Wind turbine generator alignment
  • Turbine Nacelle oil clean-up, coating
    repairs and (LMI) lifting gear recertification
  • Turbine blade inspection using UAV DRONE
    inspection and report assessed and
    compiled by structural Engineers
  • Turbine Blade repair in accordance
    with OEM repair specification
Industrial Rope Access Company Cape Town

Industries we operate in

We have extensive experience in rope access maintenance in the following industries:

  • Silo structural maintenance
  • Solar panel maintenance
  • Wind turbine maintenance
  • Onshore and offshore petrochemical
    structure maintenance

Why use rope access for cleaning, maintenance, or inspections?

Performing maintenance on buildings and other structures at heights can be tricky, expensive, and time-consuming. Furthermore, most traditional solutions such as scaffolding or powered access is unsightly and extremely disruptive to your business.

The effort, cost, time, and disruptive nature of these traditional techniques often create an environment where facilities managers are loathe to fix the problem resulting in essential cleaning and maintenance being neglected and costs compounding over the long run.

Rope access by contrast is easy to organize, cost effective and significantly faster. We offer cost-effective solutions for customers in Cape Town a well as the broader Western Cape.

Rope Access Contractors Cape Town
Rope Access Company Cape Town

Rope access offers a better solution than working with scaffolding

Rope Access offers a faster, easier, less troublesome solution for building/structure maintenance when compared to scaffolding. Unlike with scaffolding, rope access requires far less space to set up, is far more flexible regarding accessing the problem areas, is faster to set up and cheaper than hiring and constructing large scaffolding structures.

Rope Access Services Cape Town

Rope access is better than using machines and powered access

When compared to powered access options such as scissor lifts/arial lifts or cherry pickers, rope access offers a more versatile and cost-effective solution since with all these methods, you still need a large enough flat area at the base of the building/structure to get those machines in place. More than that, these machines are generally quite expensive to hire.

Why use Melior Access?

We are a specialist rope access company located in Cape Town

We are industrial and marine rope access specialists

We have years' experience in rope access and rigging

We have extensive experience in rigging & rope access

Our Cape Town technicians are trained in IRATA and IWH Rope Access techniques

Our technicians are IRATA Rope Access and ISO 9712 qualified

We are a member of IRATA in Cape Town

Member of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

Our Rope Access work is properly insured

We provide comprehensive public liability insurance for all contracts

We are fully Coida compliant and keep up with the latest safety standards

Melior Access is fully COIDA and Department of Labour compliant

We are a level 2 BEE Rope Access Company based in Cape Town

We are a South African based owner operated BEE Level 2 company

We use top rated Rope Access gear for both training and contract work

We use top-rated gear and have an impeccable safety record

Our Accreditations

Photos of our rope access gear - Melior Access has an excellent safety record